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If the case of it being on the books then why not remove it from the get go? Instead of leaving it weeks after the server has been up. I am not saying you don't do a good job but seriously it makes it hard to do anything with out the risk of having it removed.

There are other issues at hand with the CPU and it not just this. I can't find any substantial evidence to state that the MFFS in the CURRENT config that we run it causes issues. Sure if you put the force field up it can cause issues but we do not use that.

There are other issues that are more pressing than this. It would seem that your mind is made up Sorantar and it makes it hard to reason with someone who already has their mind made up.

As for reporting theft, I have and I will not hash it up here but we know the outcome.

I love playing Minecraft but things like this make it unfair to players, especially when other things are being put on the back burner which have more impact on the CPU.
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