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Yes, many things affect the CPU. Many things that we learnt from the test period in December/January resulted in us changing modpack and setting up the division's rules as they are. With this many mods, we will learn many things as we go and have to make changes. We are giving the division a chance to argue for us to change our decision as well as adapt its gameplay before anything comes into play. This happens all the time in Minecraft servers when mods prove faulty. It has happened in the past on our Bukkit servers.

At the moment, considering that we don't pay Exe for the services he provides for these servers, we are lucky we have got anything at all, especially since Mindcrack is way more expensive to him than the Bukkit servers.

As to the issue of reporting theft, Penthrox, you are taking a public posting personally. My message was to all the division, not you specifically. It just happened to be you who made the statement I replied to.


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