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Originally Posted by Penthrox View Post
Perhaps put a ban on the force field side of things but not remove the mod all together. If the mod is removed I have no way of sharing my goods with my fellow settlers in our area. It is nothing personal but as I have had equipment taken in the past, I find it easier to use them and just allow certain people access to the items.
Personally I would like to see the Security station, security storage, multi tool and mffs cards stay.
But I also know the intricacies of cannibalising a mod over just removing it.

Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
At the moment, considering that we don't pay Exe for the services he provides for these servers, we are lucky we have got anything at all, especially since Mindcrack is way more expensive to him than the Bukkit servers.
And it is appreciated, but we need not be lucky, if it's more grunt we need, I'm sure some of the division will gladly donate.
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