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Rick, the mod is v1.95 of the HistoriX mod. There are some awesome cars in there ranging from Ford GT40s, Panteras, Cobras thru TransAms (Camaros, Corvettes, Challengers) from the late 60s, 60's Ferraris thru to Lotus Cortinas, Escorts and Minis. It's a big mod but very popular due to the variety of 60's racing.

Sytes, it'll be hard to gauge how much interest there is in rF2 until it's released and the addon mods and tracks start becoming available. My experience of league is you need a core of 20+ drivers to get regular good grid numbers. The reason the TOG rF1 league folded was lack of numbers. Over 3 years we went from 40 registrations for a 12 round series (of 60 minute races) to 6 guys turning up for some 5 lap fun races.....which weren't really fun due to lack of numbers. Most of the guys are still racing, some went to iRacing, some left to start their own leagues because they didn't like the way t0p5ecret was running it......strange because he was one of the rFactor league admins I've come across in 7 years of sim racing.

I have a dedicated server available which is currently being used elsewhere and until rF2 has proved to be ready I'm hesitant to pull it, load rF2 and put the time into working it all out.

I went outside once, the graphics were great but the gameplay sucked.
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