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I just can't get excited over the idea of a PS4.

I have way too many games on the PS3 I just haven't had the time to finish (or even play!). The PS3 still looks jaw-droppingly beautiful to me.

Every generation of console has impressed me less and less when it comes to updated visuals. The only way I can see this console improving upon what we already have would be to run all games at 1080p and a constant 60fps, but I doubt the casuals will notice a difference. And let's be honest here, the hardcore gamers will be the early adopters, but if Joe Schmoe can't tell the difference between a PS3 and PS4, they're gonna be a tough sell 2-3 years down the road.

And don't get me started on the idea that the console could potentially be digital distribution only (hey Sony, how'd the PSP Go work out for ya?) or restrict the use of used games. All in all, Sony (and Microsoft) are really going to have to do something to wow me with their 8th gen consoles.
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