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Red face Introductory Post


My name is Patrick and I'm a 46 year old gamer that lives in Colorado with my wife and 2 kids. I am currently a leader of a small GW2 guild of EQ2 converts but the last expansion took most of my members back to EQ2. I'm trying to find a guild in GW2 that is active in Dungeons, WvW, and Fractals and I would like to apply for full TOG membership. I play most every night after 7PM MST and on weekends.

I started playing D&D in junior high. If you name a pen and paper RPG and it came out in the 80's I have probably played it. I started playing with computers in high school when I completed Apple and IBM tech school. My first MMO was Everquest. I was a beta tester. I have also played EQ2, CoH, GW, SWG, AOC, Rift, SWTOR, and a few I have probably forgotten.

I want to join TOG for a couple of reasons:
I like the idea of a clan that spans multiple games. I find that I make friends in online games, then I want to move on to a new game and they don't. Or my friends go to another game and I end up having to join a new guild and make connections in an entirely new community. It would be nice to have some continuity and perhaps be able to play multiple titles and stay in one guild/clan.
I also like what I have seen and heard of TOG in other games. In SWTOR I ended up playing against TOG in many PVP events and I found the members to be skilled, well coordinated and difficult to beat. My experiences with TOG members has been positive although sometimes frustrating.

At least 25 years old (check)
Completed the "TOG Member Policies" (check)

I hope you feel that I would be an asset to this community.

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