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Originally Posted by Tachyon View Post
I turn off a lot of gaming music because it's just too grand for my tastes, but I always liked this one...

I've always been a fan of Chance Thomas' music. He wrote for many movies and video games.

A long time ago, he had created music for Middle Earth Online back when it was project funded by Sierra Online Inc. (later sold and renamed LOTRO). He had a personal website with many samples from that time period... many versions of the songs from LOTRO. One in particular... a version of your song with a more strong orchestral presence.

When I heard he was contracted to write the music scores for Riders of Rohan expansion, I contacted him and asked if he could somehow use the bit of music from his old website... I described it to him. He remembered and said he would see what he could do.

Lo and behold, his first new song incorporated it!

He is the greatest! And very accessible to everyone... he answers every email quickly and with grace!

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