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Default Application for full membership

Hi Fella's

After talking to one of your High Command I have decided to apply for full membership. A friend of mine (Angrah) has been a member of TOG for a number of years and has recommended you all as a great bunch to play and get along with. I am currently a Major in the Robinson Rangers Brigade playing MWO and would continue to be a member with them while joining TOG.

I have been playing games for around 28 years in many formats.
I am 45 years old and love playing anything that involves tactics.
First Roleplaying game played : AD&D
First Tabletop game played : Battletech back in 1986
First Computer game played : Raid on Bungeling Bay (Commodore 64)
First Computer game played IBM clone : Warlords. 1989. This was the game that forced me to go buy a mouse for my 486 DX2. Opps no wait, it was a DOS written Star Trek game I used to play on a Tandy TRS80 back in 1983 while I was at school.

I was the secretary for a local gaming club for a number of years until we were forced to close and enjoyed playing many tabletop tournements while I was a member. I have been riding Motorbikes for 40 years and enjoy doing Medieval reinactment. I used to do a lot of Archery as well, but cannot afford the membership atm.
I live in Rockhampton Queensland, one of the most humid places you can live without leaving Australia I tend to play mostly at night time 19:00 to 22:30 GMT +10.
Games that I mostly play online atm, is :
World of Tanks (tier 10 Russians)
Diablo III
Shadowrun through the D20 gaming site.

I like to think of myself as a reasonably social bloke that can get along with just about anyone and from the conversatons I have had with a few of you feel that most of you are much the same. I look forward to spending more time with you all
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