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Well I must say I am really disappointed in the quality of this release. The game is barely playable once you get a half decent city. As a toy it is fun but it is so broken I really cannot imagine how it got any reviews over a 5. It makes me really wonder about reviews from major sources.

I have continual major gridlock, with delivery trucks stuck out on highways between cities for days and days of real time. Casinos running out of water and shutting down with 70 plus surplus produced in my city and with purchasing others water also turned on from earlier. Almost no income coming in from 4 20k profitable casinos. There are other things as well but you get the idea. A few of these things may be user error but if so, the solutions are so obtuse as to make me wonder if I can be bothered.

I also have the game installed on two different OS. Funnily enough even though this is an always online game neither OS versions knows about the other games that are being played. I was really hoping the save was all in the cloud but alas it is not working like that at all for me.

I would advise lovers of SimCity to wait a while. I am very upset I payed these guys for such a shoddy product and I did not even experience the start up issues. I thought I had waited them out and did not know about the crippling gameplay bugs all the negatives seemed about connection issues. I will still play it and try to figure out if any of the issues are just user error but I feel seriously duped. Please wait and do not reward these guys with your hard earned.
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