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We have been testing the link books more. It seems that fixing them now won't make much of a change, unless they are for inter-dimensional/world travel.

Basically, link books that travel between worlds in tonight's testing worked after the update. Other ones didn't until they were modified again.

This may be a tempremental server that has given us the wrong idea, but it certainly tells me one thing - play it safe and note the coordinates your linkbooks travel to while playing Mindcrack v7!

The update can still be Monday night at this rate, but you might still have to do a bit of work to fix your link books.

One good thing, if you consider it that, is that the new minimap mod allows you to tp to waypoints. The only problem is that they aren't items, so they can't be shared, and aren't necessarily saved with the world. If your client is lost/replaced, so are your waypoints.


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