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I rolled a monk & a berserker on the RP server. I am happy the races & classes are all open for F2P players.

First impressoins (wall of text from my phone):
It feels great to be back! Leveling with the new Mercenary system is a breeze, even solo. I really needed to do the tutorial newbie cave, so much I forgot. Love the multiple commands you csn put on one hotkey. Platinum is the new gold... I got pp insanely fast in tutorial caves, not so much since. Monk is level 29 and still using newbie weapons as I have not gotten usedul drops and Bazaar weapons are insanely over my affordabiliry. EQ still offers my fav Monk class od all MMOs. Merc is starting to drain my newbie pp. Wish I could transfer my mains from anorher server, with cash & items. The game has some great improvements, and F2P offers a TON of playability.

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