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Hello everybody!

My name is Jerzy "Kelevandos" Jurczyk and I am an independant game reviewer from Poland. For several months I have been expanding my blog, Kelevandos' Game Reviews and today, finally, it goes bilingual (was Polish only until now). I came across your your site and thought that you may be interested in my first English-translated review.

It is about the upcoming Microsoft release, Age of Empires II HD Edition. As a 20+ gamer I believe, and know, that many people of my age loved the original release and will want to know the details about the remake. Well, here they are. I have been given the pre-release copy of the game, wrote a review, included some screenshots. Happy reading!

I hope this post will not be considered spam, as I have no intention of spamming. As a writer I need readers and I thought that you could be interested.

The English version of the blog may be found here:

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