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Enjoyed this game immensely.

I love singe player games that have a great storyline and an engaging and immersive world. I loved Columbia's sights and colours. The effort they put into the characters, the voice acting and the music was wonderful.

The jingoistic / religious / racial overtones to the society were they created were both fascinating and disturbing. They did a great job in creating another alternative history / society / utopian vision, quite different from the libertarian / objectivism one they had for Rapture.

Gameplay was good, but not great. But I dont find gameplay is that big a deal for me in single player games. That's what multiplayer games are for. I have friends who wax lyrical about games like Dark Souls 1&2 and while those were good games with really good gameplay, I didnt find them as engaging because the story / world was garbage.

I hope we dont have to wait 6 years for the next original game from 2K.
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