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Which guild? I played on Stromm since day one myself as a Necromancer named Rijak, mainly from 2003-2006. Lot's of great times! I jump back there every so often, but with me at 70 in Anguish gear and everyone else pushing 100 it's hard to get back into the flow.

I'd second the Trakanon suggestion, even if just as a sideline. It's a lot easier to catch up!
Oh hey Rijak, this is Roccodundee from Lore Seekers of Norrath (currently known as Eternal Journey.) Good to see you! I'm still playing with EJ at the moment but very casually. I have a lot of games on my plate right now including Darkfall Unholy Wars but will try and set more time aside for EQ. I still enjoy it quite a bit.

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