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Default How is the TOG Group Used?

I joined the TOG Steam group but I haven't figured out how I use it. I tried to see if there were TOG members to hook up with in Borderlands 2, but I couldn't figure it out. The game itself only seems to allow hooking up with people who are explicitly added to a friends list, or to use an in-game browser that doesn't allow searches against Steam groups. When I access the TOG group via the Steam client I see numbers for people in games and people on line, but I don't even see how to sort our group for those subsets.

Can someone explain how I use the TOG group membership to hook up with people playing the Steam game I am playing? Is it only possible to do that if there is a TOG subgroup for the particular game I am in, or am I doing something wrong in my use of the main TOG group in Steam?

Thanks for any help.
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