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Update #21, Apr 21, 2013: 4 Days To Go, The Ultimate Preview, Live stream, Reddit AMA, Stretch Goals Video, Imps vs Commander!

Update #20, Apr 20, 2013: Overview of add-ons and reward tiers

Update #19, Apr 19, 2013: Looking Back Already, And Looking Forward

Update #18, Apr 18, 2013: Community Input, Kirill Live Tonight, 3K Likes

Update #17, April 17th: Maxos speaks, rewards update!

Update #16, April 16th: The Phantom Forest grows + new movie

Update #15, April 15th: Homestead, The Lair, More Than Meets The Eye

Missed so many updates! We are on the last handful of days and hopefully there will be more buzz about this game

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