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Originally Posted by Kaliante View Post
I joined the TOG Steam group but I haven't figured out how I use it.
I suspect that's been a problem since Day 1; that is, it sounded like a good idea at the time with a small number of users, but at last count I saw over 1,100 members and there's just no way they all play the same games or share the same interests.

It got to the stage wherein I used it as a quick 'n' dirty method of validating TOG membership when running a server, but that's about it. Beyond that, individual games/divisions have formed their own Steam groups to make management/announcements easier. I have no idea if there's a BL2-specific TOG Steam group as being a 4-player co-op game it's not necessarily something you'd see with its own division (I don't think the old BL1 TOG Steam group was ever updated).

In terms of the specific problem you've mentioned, I'd say look for like-minded friends on the TOG Web site then organise for co-op games of BL2 (or whatever else). Inside BL2, if people are directly on your Steam Friends list (not just a member of the same Steam group as yourself) then they'll show up when playing on the main menu.

I honestly haven't tried to use the in-game server browser to find random public games as I learnt during the days of BL1 that having a fixed group of friends makes the experience much more enjoyable. Best of luck!
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