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Originally Posted by Kaliante View Post
Thanks for that link. I was looking for Borderlands 2 group and didn't stop to think that 1 & 2 would be under the same group.
I don't think there's been any specific update to that group for BL2, but hey it's a starting point.

Originally Posted by Kaliante View Post
From what you guys have said, I think it might be good to just make a thread asking for three people who would be interested in going through the game a second time in co-op. My understanding is that the difficulty is increased to accommodate the extra 3 players. I know there is a True Vault Hunter mode, but I don't know whether that requires someone to be an excellent player, particularly if it is scaled up for a foursome.
Matching your time zone and playing time would also be important (obvious, but sometimes needs to be reminded).

As for difficulty, the same holds for BL2 as was the case in BL1 - that is, the more players, the higher the difficulty and sometimes the more enemies (which in turn leads to more and potentially better loot drops - just remember though loot is not individual, it's a free-for-all so it's first-in-best-dressed to pick it up).

TVHM (playthrough 2) doesn't necessarily require you to be an "excellent" player as long as you have an idea what you're doing and have suitably scaled equipment/weapons (it wasn't until I hit The Bunker that things got initially tough for a while solo playing through TVHM - Moxxi's Good/Bad Touch SMGs quickly resolved that problem).

If you have the Season Pass (or have purchased the recently released new update/challenge pack - can't recall the name) it opens up a third playthrough (Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode) which you can play/reset/replay over and over.
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