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Originally Posted by ForrestGump View Post
I'm here and playing. Not done any mods? Are they safe? Easy to load up??
If you're playing through Steam its very easy, just select them via the TL2 Workshop page (I usually sort by "top rated of all time". Subscribe to the ones you like and it will download and install them for you.

When you start TL2 it will check for updated versions of the mods and you will be presented with two buttons. The top is a 'Play' triangle which is the vanilla game, the lower button is the 'Play' triangle with a cog next to it. Click on that and you can then select the mods to run (limit of 10 at a time). I haven't had any issues but there are some mods that need to load in a particular order but that is almost always mentioned on the Steam workshop page.

SynergiesMOD seems to be the big one but I have a few that add one-handed crossbows, rifles and re-work the Outlander a bit (my preferred class). There is also a two part re-texture mod which is very nice as well.

If you're not on Steam you'll need to have a poke around sites like this. Installation is usually uzipping and copying a file or folder to the right location.

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