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Originally Posted by astrospud View Post
BTW Judge, that's a stunning achievement! So, as you add to the mass of the station, do you have to give a bit of a prograde burn to maintain the same orbit? I love the idea of building a Base on the Mun....

However, I did recently move the entire structure to a higher orbit (120 to 150)

WOW! To say it was a 'sight to behold' is an understatement - It was terrifying!

Stats for Station (Current time. Addition and subtraction of fuel makes it fluctuate a little)

Total Mass: 281.82 tons
Apoapsis: 149.78km
Periapsis: 149.15km
Orbital Speed: 2172m/s
Inclination: 1.8 degrees
Eccentricity 0.00042

Would like to get the Inclination to zero but have decided (after the move) that "this baby ain't going ANYWHERE!"


Useful Addons;

Head to Kerbal Space Port and grab;
  1. MechJeb
  2. Lazor Docking Cam

The first makes obtaining and keeping an orbit a dream. Also makes docking approaches and landing a cinche. Couple of things to remember tho;

1. Watch your RCS fuel. MechJeb uses SAS a lot and if you have your RCS on it will burn through your fuel pretty damn quick.
2. Using a MechJeb module can drain your elctricity to ZERO! Once you have no spark you cant do anything. RCS wont work, main engines wont work, you can't even extend solar panels to recharge your batteries. Pro tip: Take a battery and a solar panel or 2. Even a glimps of sun will return function to your ship.

The second is a MUST HAVE (IMO) for docking. essentially puts an iR camera on your docking port so you can line up the OTHER docking port without having to move the camera all the time. You can even rescue a f*cked-up attempt as long as you get the red coss somewhere near the grey cross and that's somewhere near the black cross ... and you aren't doing more than 0.5m/s

Have fun, and see you out there.

I still have to go configure a prograde burn ...
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