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Default Application Neverwinter:)

Hi all!

Am Looki, age of 27, and a female player. Timezone +1 GMT(Netherlands)
I like to play team-games. Though my time can be limited cause of my job and my husband. I hate it if I get kicked out of a faction/guild only cause im not that active.

Currently I play Neverwinter and Battle for Graxia. I have been playing perfect world for a long time.
I play games for a long long time. My dad always liked games so he had the most crazy machines in early times. I remember sitting in a corner of the house, with an old television and joysticks and racing around with my sisters:P
My dad was very early with the internet, we got it around 1998. I loved to find out how the internet workes and builded many free websites for myself I stopped with that, later i made .gif pictures with photoshop(the other program with goes with photoshop, forgot the name) and later on i made 3D images with Bryce. I always liked to discover things. Though am grown over of that, now I prefer to play games with other people online. Play and have some fun while playing I so hate the little kids talking rude etc in chat. Thats a reason why I want to join TOG, no childish talking, no childish behavior(i hope?)

So hopefully I get accepted!!!
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