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On to "Insane Project number 3".

Thought I might share this one as the ship is ... 'impressive'

I currently have an unmanned probe circling Jool (that was fun ...) and discovered some interesting things ... sooo ... I thought I might send a manned flight.

Problem is, there's no way you can refuel or anything once you get there ... The Kerbals are on their own and, quite frankly, this is probibly a one-way mission. "FOR SCIENCE!" was what was written on the recruitment posters.

Had to create a ship. Need at least 5 landers (I made 6 for 'balance'), a base station for high orbit over Jool (needs to be high) and a star-drive to get me there. I figure 8 Jumbos and 8 'Mainsail' drives should do.

Getting the individual components into a 1,000 km orbit and then 'assembling' them has been an engineering nightmare.

Well, I'm about to 'set sail' so Good Luck, brave Kerbals and farewell.

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