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Have a look at how an "Asparagus" rocket works and practice getting into orbit.

This is a simple Asparagus setup;

The key here is the FTX-2 External Fuel Duct. It is critical that this is placed correctly. The Fuel Duct is directional and forces fuel flow from point A to point B (A being the first placement and B being the destination placement of the tube)

I'll assume you know about staging. If you don't, go do some tutorials

Begin on the Launch pad;
  1. Set your SAS to 'ON' (default=T)
  2. Set your thrust to MAX (default=SHIFT)
  3. Fire your rockets and power-burn until the 10km mark.
  4. Turn off SAS and start your gravity turn - Look at the NAV ball and push your rocket over the 90 degree heading (it's easier to go East as you will be working 'with' Kerbins orbit)
  5. Initially, set the nose to the 40degree inclination
  6. After a while you can try pushing your rocket futher over towards the horizon. As long as you are climbing you can keep the nose close the the horison
  7. If you look at your map you will watch your Apoapsis (Ap) grow.
  8. You should start to 'level out' (by pushing your nose BELOW the horizon mark)when your Ap reaches about 100 km and increase your Periapsis (Pe) to about 100 km
  9. Cut your engines - congratulations, you now have a stable orbit

To get to Mun you need to perform a "Hohmann Transfer" Essentially, it's just a case of getting into a circular orbit and then burning prograde untill your Apoapsis intersects with Mun.
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