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Well, it's taken a while (and no, I'm not going to count the 'quick-loads' ) but I've managed to land on most of Jools moons so far;

This is Val with Jool in the background


Here's Pol. Gravity is so light you can jump over the Lander and clear it by another lander! You can actually get into orbit using the Kerbals RCS unit. There's Jool in the background again ... a little farther away this time.


Here we have Laythe during sun-rise. Laythe is the closest moon to Jool and the most interesting.

See how the sky is blue?

There's also some other very interesting things about Laythe ... but I'm not telling


I'm currently trying to land on Tylo, however, it is proving to be most troubling. Tylos gravity is massive and has claimed the life of poor Robert (RIP). I have gone back to the VAB and am attempting to design a lander to combat the massive gravity ... not an easy task.


Just made a landing on Bop. the landing itself is fairly easy but it's the approach vectors that are a real pain.


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