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Success! Minmus Arrival!

So I followed Scott Manley's tutorial on a Minmus landing and while I used a 3 Kerbal crew, where his crew was solely Bill Kerman, I made it!

Leaving Kermin. A daunting sight for a noob like me.
As you can see in the above image, I have only 1/3 tank left. Maybe enough for a return leg, we'll see...

One last EVA on the trip in.

Achieved a stable orbit of Minmus at 38km, prepping for gentle de-orbit.
Turns out I missed that small depression on my decent path. Have to account for planet rotation when setting up for landing.

Gently guiding Kerbal X down the retrograde vector, probably burning too much fuel. I ballooned a bit, over cooking the thrust.

Almost there! Our shadow is very close now.

Touchdown on another world!! A mile stone for me. God, I love this game!

EVA and obligatory group photo. Bill, Jeb and Bob Kerman. Heroes of the Kerbal Space program!

Unfortunately there wasn't enough fuel for return leg. I'll have to plan better next mission.

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