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Hey guys

Im lylow - clan admin for one of the clans playing in the Cq Dom league. Basically the league right now is dead in the water. Round 1 was played out a few months ago, and Round 2 never got off the ground.

Im trying to resurrect the league by contacting all of the current clans represented in the battlelog platoon, as well as getting in touch with a few other socially competitive clans in the community.

Ive PM'd you as well PosCrash, essentially restating this info here, in case this thread is buried somewhere in the depths of the TOG forums (I only found it by chance).

Get back in touch with me either here or via PM, just let me know if you fellows are still keen to play. Im unofficially trying to run the league now, and the first order of business is getting clans to play. Then we have to decide if we'll continue on with Round 2, or simply start again from scratch.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!


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