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Default Applying for full membership

Hi there

In addition to my previous post, I would also like to apply for full membership. I am happy with the conditions that you stipulate. Here are few words about me:

I am in my late thirties but have enjoyed playing games since the good old times on the C64 (Pitfall, Hero, Last Ninja, Boulder Dash to name a few ). Time is always a premium with family, career and too many other priorities which is why I want to have a great experience when I play. This means no abuse, playing with like minded and mature people who enjoy a good game and are not too serious about it. I play on PC, PS3 and XBOX. However, at the moment I spend my spare time on BF3 PC version. I enjoy interacting via voice with people when I play BF3 as it makes the game a lot more fun and more of a community experience.

I am originally from Austria and worked and lived in a number of countries before I immigrated to Australia about 10 years ago. I live in Sydney and work in IT.

Thanks for your consideration.

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