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Originally Posted by BishopNZ View Post
So I started playing this the other day.

After unlocking all the SIN sites, I guess the next part is mining for the resources to unlock the portal keys?

Is there anything else to do that is PvE centric apart from the odd tornado and AMES mission?

Had a go at PvP and while the hacking orbital tower map was enjoyable, I'm wondering what there is going to be to hold someone in game for months and months?

Any long time players able to offer a quick rundown on their gaming experience?
yeah there is quite a bit to do. you start out with the basic accord battleframes and you can progress those using exp/resources/crystite in the battleframe garage until you get enough pilot tokens to unlock some of the more advanced frames that are a little more specialized like more of a tank type and more of a healer type.

also, a lot of the game is crafting, so you unlock the crafting nanoprints and craft better gear once you get enough resources. you can equip better gear after unlocking more constraints on your battleframes.

the keys that you craft let you port to the start of different zones that they are going to be adding onto in the near future. they have different types of mobs and different environments like snow and lava and stuff like that.

in those footholds, you can run an event as long as there are enough people there at the time that can reward you with one of the fragments of of a key that will get you into a 5 person squad instance called blackwater.

you can also work towards completing achievements that unlock cosmetics and work towards crafting a motorbike to get around on if you don't want to spend the redbeans or cash on the big starter pack.

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