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Originally Posted by jonny2combz View Post
Good news for those like me who will be getting an XBOX1

Microsoft changing Xbox One policies -

I am so looking forward to this, all the kiddies will be getting the PS4 because of cost and us old farts will be getting the one
so true Johnny and even more good news was that MS is finally now including the chat headset with the XB1!!! I am REALLY looking forward to getting mine, and I dont know if it was said but Sony IS requireing their PS+ membership for online play just like Xbox Gold, and the Xbox is catching up and in some ways passing Sony in features on their system now that alot of the fog is clearing and people can see past the flashy sales pitch *which didnt tell the WHOLE truth* that Sony presented at E3!!

Bottom line is, both systems look to be GREAT sytems and the way the games look in these next gen consoles look AWESOME!! I can't wait for Destiny - Official site of Destiny the Game to come out and hopefully I will find some TOG buddies to form fireteams with, if not, I may be stuck doing the solo thing some more!! Sooooo many good games and events happening post release date of these next gen consoles!!!!
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