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I think every serious console gamer - and most casual ones too - will pretty much have to subscribe to at least one of the two services to get the most out of this generation. Both services seem to add a fair bit to their respective consoles, though Xbox gold does feel like it adds back in the things that gamers have traditionally expected for free, while PS+ feels like it adds additional value, at least to me.

Xbox One will lock almost every online feature behind a paywall the PS4 wont | ExtremeTech
The official Xbox website has been updated to show everything that has been shoved behind that Gold paywall. It includes old favorites like online gaming and other internet-enabled services, such as Netflix and browsing the web. Now, though, it includes services like the NFL on Xbox, One Guide (the television overlay), Game DVR, Skype, and SmartMatch (which is the new and improved way Live will match players online). Basically, everything you can do online is behind a paywall, as its always been. As for the PS4, head of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida made perfectly clear that Sony wont put much behind the PS Plus paywall. In response to a series of questions posed to him on Twitter, he said that other premium online services such as Netflix wont require a PS Plus subscription to use. He also noted that unlike the Xbox One, the PS4′s game streaming and DVR capabilities wont require a subscription.
Xbox Live Gold -
You even need Gold to use Skype on the Xbox. That just feels greedy from Microsoft. They own Skype now, they want people to use it, so why would they charge Xbox users for it? If they want to charge for this, they should put the charge on Skype itself. If they are giving it away for free on PC, smartphones and tablets, then charging for it on one device feels like a rip off.
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