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Hello, I go by the name Casualslacks. I've been gaming since I was old enough to handle a Atari 2600 controller. I've played consoles primarily through the 80s, 90s, and mid-00s, before Civilization and World of Warcraft converted me to PC gaming. I run through single-player games by and by, but I usually focus on MMORPGs and the occasional competitive multiplayers like Blacklight or Chivalry. I played WoW for about five years. I'm currently playing The Secret World and Neverwinter, but I'll download whatever free-to-play games seem interesting and give them a shot. I buy any number of games when I find them on sale using the reasoning that $2.50 is practically free; never mind how purchases add up.

I had heard about TOG back in my WoW days while listening to the Bind On Equip podcast. You guys seemed like you might be an interesting group to play with, but I was dedicated to the Penny Arcade Alliance back then. After quitting WoW a few years ago, I've been mostly guildless. You guys look like your community spreads pretty broadly across multiple games. Furthermore, considering the age restriction, you all probably have responsibilities in life outside of gaming; which I can relate to. Also, despite living in the -6 GMT time zone, my work hours flip from day- to night-shift every 4 weeks. It would be good to be in a community that spans the globe.

Anyways, I'm generally respectful and considerate and I keep my trolling to a minimum. I'm also an introvert and I typically prefer to be independent. However, I don't mind helping people out if I have the time, the ability, or the knowledge. I'd like to join your community if you'll have me.
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