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To put thing in perspective some ISP's don't count XBOX live content in your data allowance so no surprise at the end of each month, ISP do include PSN data in your allowance so you have to manage it better.
I have had XBOX live from day one and it’s $70.00 a year. Some people pay $12-14 a month for game subscriptions. You say the PS4 is for hard gamers and now they have to pay to play online like XBOX?. Well I am sorry the argument of MS being the bad guy here, you have just blown it out of the water. Reason being PS4 for gamers = they have to pay too. If someone wants a box to steam media I-TV is cheaper.
Sony are not the good guys here, they are more than happy to con you out of your hard earned money like any other company would.
Sony has taken a long time to realize that people won’t be ripped off, hence the price drop from the other consoles on release, PS1 $$700-$800 on day of release PS2 $800-$900 on release and PS3 $900- $1000 on release??? Ah those are the days 
I am sorry I don't know to many people who are planning to buy either console to play off line..

Skype service is free on XBOX and yes you will need Live but the question is why would you not want live, it a great service. Its a fee for accessing all the online services for all good things on your XBOX.?? PEEPS its $70.00 per year.

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