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Default New board games I've been playing

Well, new to me anyway....

Lords of Waterdeep - introductory worker placement game. Takes about 10 minutes to explain. Very nicely presented. The cubes (representing fighters, clerics, rogues, and wizards) are a bit dull - so I bought some custom made meeples from a guy on bgg, same colours, but cut into representations of the actual class.

The expansion is just out now for this too, and seems to be getting good reviews. I feel like the base game will keep me happy for quite a bit longer.

Love Letter - had this for ages, kept on chucking it in the game bag for board gaming, because its so small. The entire game comes in a little bag, it has 16 cards and a couple of tokens. But you get a lot of fun in that little bag. Another easy to explain game - take a card, play a card, your hand is always a single card. The cards are various ranks, up to the Princess, and you want the highest card at the end of the round, to get your love letter to her. A bit of deduction, a bit of luck, but entertaining stuff, I'm looking forward to playing this quite a few more times. Cheap as, well worth throwing into your next order.

Libertalia - this wasnt on my radar for ages, because its actually a pirate game, which the name doesnt really suggest. You play pirates trying to split up your booty. The game lasts for 3 campaigns, each of which is 6 days long. Booty is handed out randomly for each day, from very good (treasure chests), ok (jewels/goods), potentially good (maps - worth lots if you can collect 3), and bad (cursed relics).

Your deck consists of 30 cards with various unsavoury characters, from the lowly ranked ships parrot, up to the Captain himself. The starting player randomly chooses 9 cards, and then everyone picks those same cards from their deck, so you're choosing from the same deck. Each card has an ability as well, that can go off during the day (before booty is taken), dusk (when booty is taken), night (after booty), or on the 7 day of rest - at the end of the campaign. Some characters can have several of these abilities.

So, each player secretly chooses a card to play for each day, and the highest rank gets to pick his booty.

Its actually quite a quick moving and interesting game - pretty easy to pick up after a bit. You make your decision on a card based on what has already been played, or what you think the other players will do - it can get a bit tense as people strive desperately to avoid the cursed booty.
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