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Ok, played a couple of games of Hanabi - still a bit unsure if I like it. Its certainly clever, and a bit different, and can be played by anyone.

I think my problem with it is that its a cooperative game, but rather than a co-op where you can discuss what to do as a team (which I enjoy), each of you is locked into your own game of deduction. You cannot say anything about your hand, or others - unless you give a hint on your go. So theres no table talk - which I like in a game.

And it seems the game is really about how to give hints, understanding what people mean when they tell you something. And of course you cant ask them what they mean during the game - thats not allowed.

Its a surprisingly tense game too - if you play the wrong card, your entire group will roll their eyes and complain (in a fun way, unless you play with dicks). The guys I play with are great, but I'd hate to be on the verge of a good score and then blow it.

Maybe if I play this game more, my memory and deductive skills will get better.
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