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Played Diamant today - quick filler that could be enjoyed by anyone - its a push your luck game where you decide whether to explore a cave further, or take your treasure and run. Lots of fun, because treasure if shared when you decide to run, so if you're the only one, its all yours (which is a cool feeling, especially when the others get crushed by rocks on the next turn....bwhahahahaha). The game is hard to get, but its been reprinted as Incan Gold.

Also played Citadels - hidden role card game, where your role changes on every round. You are trying to make 8 buildings, but on any round someone could choose the assassin and kill you, or choose the thief and steal your money, or even become the magician and take your cards! Fairly easy to pick up, but a bit of deduction is required, since targets are the role (not the player). Quite a reasonably priced game too - I'm definitely giving this another go in the future (now that I know how to play it).

It might have the potential to get pretty nasty...
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