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Default Ban-happy mod in CSGO's TOG server

Some of you may know the 'Total wipe out' TV show, if not it's a series of obstacle courses where contestants race against each-other to complete an obstacle the fastest, within these obstacle courses there are (semi famous) dreaded 'Big red balls' < --Link I have a picture of the Big red balls as my profile in steam.

I have been playing the CSGO TOG server for a while loving the games much more than any other server, I had the name "My small red balls" for a long time in the server, today I was kicked with a message to change my name, I complied and changed my name to "Big red balls" as that is what they call them in the G rated TV show Wipe out zone as described earlier, as soon as I rejoined the server I was then banned from playing on the server .. I don't know which mod it was they did not even try to ask me to change my name, I can kinda understand kicking me with the message to change my name (would have been better to just ask) but a ban was excessive.

Let me know if you agree/disagree, I hope the mod who banned me can give some input, I'm quite irritated at his/her lack of effort/helpfulness and it's my personal opinion that he/she shouldn't be given mod privileges if he/she abuses them like I believe he/she did.

Thanks Topher
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