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Default Player with to menny alts and no one to play with:)

Hi everyone.

First I must say that you realy did a nice presentation fore your guild when you got interwived on toro cast, and I instantly got the feeling that you are the guild fore me.
I wold therefore love to join your guild in star wars the old republic.

The reason fore me aplying is becuse the guild I have been in the past few mounths are truely dying it started aout as a big guild but now its almsot only me online since I catn stop playing ha ha so Im a bit lonely and a mmo is about meeting people fore me, making new friends and conqueer the galaxy.
I love rp events since I uced to play paper and pen rpg and did rp events in star wars galaxies but mostly Im a social guy who loves to do ops and fp's and even pvp with true friends and I hope that I can find that here.

In game my main characters name is Cethar.

As the title says I got too menny alts I have played throu every class mission on both sides and even made new characters to play as eather dark side or light side depending on what I did first but I have not dune enny op's yet and I realy realy wanna see the story.
I started playing on beta, my main characters are right now jug and bh.

Well a bit about myself I feel that I rambled on enuph.

My name is Cesar, Im 29 yers old, live in Sweeden, married to a woonderful women who is a nurse and she is playing swtor as well so we wold love to join together althou she have not left koriban yet since she dont have the time that I have to play.

Im studying phsycology, Im writing on a few books and some poetry and I read way way too menny books.
Im also training medival sword fighting with 2h swords becuse Im interested in history and also its an exelt physical and mental training.
I feel like I shuld apologies fore my spelling but I got eye problems and therefore Im not reading to much, Im mostly listening to everything I read and therefore I dont often get the chanse to be corected on how I think words shuld be spelled.

The gaming history fore me started with nes, I got one when i whas 4 my first paper and pen experience whas dungeons and dragons.
My first mmo whas star wars galaxies, played that fore 4 yers then went on to wow and played tank and healer in raids and so on fore well 2 yers, then went on to lord of teh rings online and played guardian fore 1 yer and did some raids there as well. i have been raid leader, officer fore tanks and Ive been guild leader in a guild on star wars galaxies.
I have also been leading some rp events on star wars galaxies and some other events on star wars the old republic and lord of the rings online.

Well thats enuph about me I feel that I have been writing too much but you never know how much information is needed on a guild aplication its so individual.

I turely hope that I will be contacted since you seam like the guild fore me.
Thanks fore reading and be well all.
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