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Default Valdis Story - contender for Game of The Year?

Not even sure where to put this thread, so if the mods want to move it, feel free

Recently released gem of a metroidvania-style action adventure RPG platformer, $15 and just greenlit on steam. You will not spend a better $15 this year if you've ever liked a platformer.
Valdis Story

I'm about 8 hours in and going absolutely freaking bananas over it. It does everything SoTN and Super Metroid did, but better. Weapons/armour + crafting, a spell system, the ability to call in allies. The first boss fight was one of the most intense encounters i can remember - the first one! There's special moves, super moves, block-breaking, combos that do extra damage and award more exp, limit-break meters, wall jumping, double jumping, a short-range teleport system for use in combat and in timed puzzles, and probably a whole lot more. To top it off, everything *works*. It's fast and action packed, as well as being gorgeous and cartoony and dark, and if i find out you don't go and buy it i'm coming for each of you

Wish they could have released BF4 in another two weeks so i could be playing more of this instead of meeting my comp commitments

(It's also really challenging, so _don't_ be afraid to start on the easiest difficulty!)

Super Fine Pitch

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