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Default RUST - Do you have what it takes..

Last night the drums of war were sounded and the battle lines were drawn. How dare they rain filth and fire down on TOG from their base with blocked roads and evil spiked walls.

What started as whispers soon led to a roar as the mighty team of TOG banded together in the growing dusk to smite this tirrany from the world. The sound of mighty axe against tree felling the timber for the siege weapons rang through the day. The roar of the fires as weapons and ammunition were smelt in preparation filled the air with acrid smoke and haze. the night closed in they gathered... this band of brothers ( and sister) who took a knee and asked the gods of war for victory this day. The entry teams in their Kevlar and shotguns, eyes glinting with rage and fire.. The skirmish teams in camo ready to rain fire and suppression on any that would dare. The raid teams, backs loaded with siege weapons and then mighty packs for hauling loot once the compounds were breached. It was a well oiled fighting team that stood before this mighty fort.

As the walls were breached the enemy was taken by surprise. That is until his face exploded in a blast of three shotguns spewing forth hate took that from him. His crumpled body soon stripped and discarded aside as they had done before to fellow brothers who had fallen under this evil. Yes, some of the enemy were taken by surprise and hacked to death in their sleep. This was not a mission of mercy. All would perish this night

Yes.. some brave TOG would fall this night.. One soldier staggering from the rocks tripped and fired off his weapon causing the team to turn and shoot upon him before he could raise a hand and scream .... FRIENDLY. TO a brother eagerly looting the storage boxes.. so engrossed in his haul he failed to her the "Fire in the HOLE" as the explosive charges laid waste to the doorway. His body tenderly lifted and carried home by his fellow brothers for a proper burial.

Soon the cries of effort were heard, all loaded down with loot from the raid they trudged home along the dark roads.. voices raised in victory. Inthe distance the screams of the enemy returning home could be heard. Anguish and revenge dripping from every word... They would seek their revenge... Would we be able to hold against the coming onslaughts that would follow.

Time will tell...
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