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What games are you currently play/looking to play with TOG?
Currently Guild Wars 2, maybe other things i'll find out as i go

What was the first machine you played games on or pen and paper game you played?
First machine i gamed on would've been an atari 2600, back in "I was to young to remember", though my parents pc running windows 3.1 and my dads arcade games would probably be a close second.

Why do you want to join TOG?
A friend started me on Guild wars 2 and I've been playing for a few weeks. So, after confirming i was over 25, he suggested I try join. It sounds like a fairly laid back community so it sounds like fun

Tell us about yourself or anything else you'd like to share.
my primary gaming habits have been single player Role Playing Games, and Adventure Games, with the primary exceptions being Starcraft, Starcraft2, RuneScape, and now Guild Wars 2.
My Interests lie in Computers/Technology in general as well as gaming
Im 26 and live in Oakland county, Michigan, USA.
im usually online a little in the morning, like 9 or 10 to maybe noonish on days i don't have to be somewhere, and some time at night getting on between 6 and 10 then going til between midnight and 4am, whenever i feel tired or realize the time and think, "uh oh, i have to get up in the morning"

anyway, I'm hoping this will be a fun experience
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