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At the time of this message, no Alpha yet and the EQ:NL website is currently down.


I went to the SOE EQ:NL/EQ/EQII event in San Diego. It was chilly and had rained the previous night and early morning of Friday.

It was a good event. Got to take a tour, have some food (soda and junk food but the cupcakes were good!), and have some hands-on time with EQ:NL. I really liked how the game [REDACTED] when you [REDACTED]. The best two features were [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. I can't wait to test the [REDACTED]! Had to sign a written NDA before being allowed to stay on the tour and try the game. Everything else was NDA-free! -)

I updated my Settler to an Explorer and I'm looking forward to using one of it's perks! -)


P.S. Got a code for a Grappler at the event...same item they were trying to give away via the Event Live Stream but they had issues with the website allowing the codes...hence, it is down.
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