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Default How do you design your house?

Do you plagiarise someone's design from reddit?

Do you spend time in single player creative and mock it up first?

Look at photos of real buildings and attempt to re-create them?

Just start building and see what happens?

Or do you even just dig a hole and add some cobblestone stairs... if you get around to it?

Me? I use Microsoft paint. With gridlines turned on. And at 800% zoom.

Pixel by pixel.

But only for the floor plan and some side views. Decorations, materials, and the gardening is done in game, on-the-fly.

In the Serenity modpack, I also use microblocks to make minor alterations to some of the shapes, but due to their interaction with water for example, some curves I can't 'smooth out' as much as I'd like to

- OJ
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