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Default Introduction, where to start...

Well My main name is LeJohn, or for you old SS/MW players LeJohn Swiftblade. For you old COD/BF/CA/CS players I am FuzzyBunny.

What games am I currently playing, Well I play games between beta testing other games, currently am playing/testing EOS, Wildstar, Defiance, Firefall, Neverwinter, Hawken, CSG. BF4, my old fall back game APB and of course StarCitizen.

What is the first game I played. Well that would be P&P TSR games as well as MechWarrior, ShadowRun and Warhammer. My first electronic was either planetfall or zork, been to long. First shooter was wolfenstine/doom. I also created my first game on a commodore vic 20 and created TCs with the ken build.

Why Join TOG, well my old clan Orion Faction, lets say I may be the only surviving member, at 53 I may become the oldest member here, or rather, the clan name fits. 8p

I am semi retired, that is my last field is obsolete so the research base close down an we were all laid off by the government. I used my retirement to go back to school getting a BAS in game design, Working on may second BS in Animation and my masters in Computer Science. I have 3 kids, all at NMSU, my oldest is a founder of a indi game company. Not sure what else is relevant, I also started an indi, been working on my first game solo for several years (several more to go) as Junior and Senior project.
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