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Yep. With larger and larger parties, it gets harder to handle a regular game without anyone missing out on a game each week.

When there were 4 of us, it was a bit easier... when one of our players went and got married we actually stopped the game for the 3 weeks that he was not available. Considering the fact that I'm the brother and had the job of best man and was unavailable for 2 of those 3 probably also swung in the favour of halting the game temporarily.

The built in campaign storyline was a lot of fun for us so I personally was very happy to hold off till we had all 4 of us crew together again to play through. I don't think we actually ever went through one session where any of the 4 of us couldn't make it.

The second module (Raven) was a bit different. We got 2 additional players and the module wasn't all that good for MP, so missing a week here or half a session there wasn't fussed over by anyone. We'd also had a dedicated DM to XP bump us up to the same level as everyone else.

Same goes for this EOTB module. People who miss a session simply joins back in and someone logs in as the Dunge OngMaster and XP bumps you. Items you either get off your party members or make do as the module progresses.
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