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The Barracks Potential new members need to post here!

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Default cailin's application

Hello to all!

Looking for a soild community to game with.

cailin has 24.5 mill SP. Just finished skills for Dread. WTB Nagflar.

KirkBuckrogers is my other account. He's my support line and is a package deal.

Kirk has 18 mill SP and is almost complete with carrier.

I also play lineage2 on the dev server.

I like to PVP, Fleet Ops., Mine and spend/make alot of Isk.
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Hello there and welcome to TOG.

Please take some time to read this: Potential Members PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING and the other sticky posts at the top of this forum. They detail what is needed in order to become a full TOG member.

We need to know:
  1. Are you over the age of 25?
  2. Have you read and agreed to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and FAQs
  3. Have you read and agreed to the Forum and Server Guidelines.
Post back here with the required info and we can give you full access to the site (TOGerised).

Some nostalgia, my first ever TOG sig
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