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The Barracks Potential new members need to post here!

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Default wanting to join

hello all i was wanting to join and hope no-one has a problem with that and looking forward to playing with you's even though i have already on many occasions in cod2 well thats all for now happy gaming guy's
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Hello there and welcome to TOG.

Please take some time to read this: Potential Members PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING and the other sticky posts at the top of this forum. They detail what is needed in order to become a full TOG member.
There are some key things you MUST state in order to be considered for membership. These include:
  1. You are over 25.
  2. Your have read and AGREE to abide by the TOG Code of Conduct
  3. You have read and AGREE to and abide by the TOG Acceptable Useage Policy (AUP)
  4. You have read and AGREE to abide by the Forum & Server Guidelines
  5. You have read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Document.
  6. You have read and AGREE to abide by the Signature and Avatar Guideline.
Post back here with the required info and we can give you full access to the site (TOGerised).


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