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Harmless - Post: 2

Post Application For Full Membership

Hey Twizz here i am applying for full membership.
I currently play on PC and the games i play are MW3, BO2, BO1, BF3, BFBC2 AND TF2. My favorite game so far is Black-ops II.

I am 26 years old and I am applying for full membership because, Ive seen the the benefits of playing online with a mature clan that are around the same age as me. First machine i had was a Playstation1 when i was 6.

I currently live around Brisbane Qld and i hope i can set up ts or Vent to talk to you's.

Please accept my applcation for full membership so i can start playing with the real gamers and have some fun.
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Renepogel/Twizz, it appears from the birthdate you selected upon creating this account that you are not over the age of 25. It is a requirement of Tog to only allow people to join who are over the age of 25. Therefore, I can not approve your application at this time. Please feel free to use our public forums and game servers in the meantime.
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Harmless - Post: 2


There must be a mistake i am 26.
I must of screwed up in the account creating soz.
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