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Default Application for full membership

Hi I'm Adrian, online I usually go by the name tp/teapea, currently standing at 27 and wish to join TOG

I found this community purely based on CS:GO, I love the maps, the players and the way everyone interacts with each other. People do objectives to their best, but also have a laugh often. My mate cy hooked me in when he invited me the first time.

I started playing games during NES, moving up all the way to Wii U now, but when I played Goldeneye on the N64 thatís what hooked me into FPSís and why I ventured into CS 1.4 and havenít stopped since. However my first online experience was Ultima Online, my first multiplayer game hehe. Good times. Iíve played various others after CS and UO, like wow, BF2/BF3, codís but Iíll always roll back to CS and Nintendo.
I do however sometimes like to chill on Minecraft, have a build or continue building a project I started, just at rare occasions.

I'd like to join TOG to be part of a community, Iíd like to experience gaming at a whole new level with this community.


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PM sent

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