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Default Been awhile ...

Hey guys, just wanted to say hello and felt I should throw out a intro since have not really been around, like since 2005 LOL. Anyway, been gaming some here and there, not alot, but plan to get back into it again and look forward to meeting and hanging out with the crew here. Will be playing Swtor and Planetside2 to start.

My name is Steve, married, etc. from Sacramento, Ca. Usual playtimes are Mon-Thu 6pm to 11pm PST and various times on my days off (Fri/Sat/Sun).

Hope to seeya all soon!
"My friends just call me Nehe!"
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Hi Nehebkau,
Please read the following so we can process your app asap.

Full Membership Requirements:

It is a requirement that you have read the
TOG FAQ, are at least 25 years old, and that you've completed the "TOG Member Policies" section on the Registration form. If you did not complete that section during registration you can complete it now by editing the three (3) fields listed below in the "Editing Your Details" section of the UserCP. You will find the three (3) fields near the bottom of the form:

  1. Are you applying for full TOG Membership?
  2. Age Requirement
  3. TOG FAQ
Please make sure all 3 are ticked "yes"
Once this is done I can finish your application off.
Also I see you mentioned that you haven;t been around since 2005. Were you a previous TOG member?

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Oh, I wasn't applying as I am already a member, at least I thought I was lol. I applied in 2005 just haven't been very active. I updated all my info and plan to start gaming again with you guys. Let me know if I need to do anything else. Thanks!
"My friends just call me Nehe!"
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