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RIPBob 14th February 2013 06:50 PM

Application - RIPBob
Well Hi there ToG folks.

I've been around the 'gaming scene' for over a decade now... same name, same bob. Which potentially means some of you may know me, but not really expecting any fandom :P

Currently Banging around in Planetside2 and had some folks i knew in ToG so figured i'd take the plunge and finally sign up.

First machine has to be a SegaMasterSystem 2, and first pen and paper game was (welp) D&D 4th Ed, which was promptly corrected by nerding it up with what i've been instructed is the 'real' version, aka, Pathfinder.

Like to join ToG for casual gaming reasons, I used to be far more competitive back in my younger days but now its more looking for some e-gents to hang out with and play games with. I'll stop there before this turns into one of those dating applications looking for 'companionship'.

Anything else? Well like to think I'm a nice person, and I think the first ToG player I met was about... 11(?)ish years ago, so clearly i've known at least about ToG before it was cool or something :)

Buff 14th February 2013 07:01 PM


Welcome to TOG, your application has been reviewed and approved. :)

You now have full access to all parts of TOG including:
  • All TOG member only Forums
  • All TOG member only areas of the website
  • All TOG member only game divisions
  • All TOG game servers
Your membership also includes access to various get-together, events, contests, and other exclusives for this 25 and over only organisation.

For a complete list of everything your membership includes along with everything you might want to know in order to take advantage of your new membership, be sure to stop by to read the "New TOG Members' Guide"

Currently TOG consists of nearly 30 game divisions and over 56,000 registered members. There's also plenty of other cool stuff on TOG, so browse around & check it all out. We sincerely hope that you enjoy TOG for as long as you choose to. Feel free to spread the message to your friends and family who enjoy gaming and don't forget to have fun yourself!

All the best!

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